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We are the leading  international business media source and a promotional marketing vehicle magazine that features and spot lights business owners, entreprenuers, invisible heroes, leaders, influencers, celebrities, and humanitarians resources to the media and readers. Our content encourages our readers and  entrepreneurs to apply actionale advice and develop businesses into industry-leading organizations.


  • To provide online support system for business owners, entrepreneurs and readers with a platform to learn, connect, share sought after advice and secrets from professionals and experts in their industries and to shop in one place, anywhere..  
  • To aspire to help entrepreneurs elevate their brands and expand their companies.
  • To be an international marketing promotional magazine where we help to give people more exposure by allowing others to promote their business or dreams and to make invisible heroes known...
  • To share stories from renowned industry experts on their expertise and business endeavors.
  • Passionately in spread our influencers messages.



     To feature influential business owners, entrepreneurs, influencers, leaders, celebrities, visionaries, invisible heroes, and humanitarians with the on the go resources for anyone who are looking to take their business or life to the next level.

     We also want to feature Transformational, Transparent, Traditional, Transitional, Trending, and Transitory Heroes who are coming forward to bring a message of hope and possibilities and developing a platform for creativity and excellence globally.


Influential People Magazine is headquartered remotely in the United States and has grown from National Brand to International brand. Influential People Magazine has achieved over 1,000% growth in the past 5 years, investing in a business model that focuses on giving influencers more exposure for their business and what they do for others.

Our Definition

Our definition of an influential person is someone who chooses to impact those around them for the better, someone who encourages people to think beyond their own life so that they will aspire to inspire others. Influence is not enforced but gently led by personal example and. education. While big media would convince us that the world’s influencers are all on the ‘main’ stage we at Influential People Magazine disagree. Yes, we may read a book or see someone in a news report, but those people are too distant from our own sphere to make them relatable. We know, it is those in our communities who truly influence us, who teach us and inspire us, not by one deed but by how we see them live.