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  • Send articles in MS Word or PDF document. .doc or .pdf file to Influential People Magazine in an attachment, do not embed it in the email.
  • All articles/stories/contents must be professionally edited for grammatical errors BEFORE submission.
  • Send unpublished images in High Resolution (300DPI) uploaded to Dropbox email address: (Please adjust image size to no larger than 5MB)
  • Or can send to our email Influential People Magazine, in an attachment, please do not embed it in the email.
  • The 300DPI and all colors should be processed in cyan, magenta, yellow, black. NO PANTONE OR SPOT COLORS
  • Images must be in .jpg or .png file.
  • For email: (Subject line) IPM Submission.  Please include Your Name (First & last) and Email (for us to contact you.)
  • All articles/content, credits, bio, interviews must be in .doc or .pdf file, no zip files.
  • No nudes and seductive imagery will be considered for publication.
  • Please DO NOT SUMMIT ZIP FILE FOR PREVIEW. - Submission rejection
  • No email file above 15MB. Do NOT embed images in the email. – Submission rejected. Send as an attachment.
  • Consider various distances, outfits, poses and setting for layout purposes.
  • Submission should show – off your whole team’s best work- photographer, make up artist, hair stylist, and etc... If any.
  • Send team credit information- Website link to their business, name, job title, and profile picture. Affiliate links are ok if they are short.
  • Prepare all team credits & photographer’s permission required (Submission acceptance form) when approved, no embedded credit on images will be accepted.
  • Please, no press release article.  As your article would lead people wanting to know more about you.
  • Due to a large number of monthly submissions our team does their best to review submissions and reply in a timely manner

If you would like us to edit your article, our editor can help you with a minimal fee. Contact us at:  Influential People magazine with "Would like article edited" in the subject line. Then we will connect you to our editor.

We are accepting for more contributing articles and images on and about, featuring you or someone. Please include your website and/or social media links to your business or that someone business. (Please do not send articles about selling yourself or products. If you want to advertise yourself or your business or products, you can refer to our link "advertise with us.)

Please follow the rules as shown above for guideline submission.

Requirement what we will need from you:

  • An Article The article can be on "How to's" or "Tips to" or "Did you know" or "Steps to's"...  or your educational story or inspirational story or life learning lesson story or your personal story the journey of trials to your success to where you are making an enduring impact on people lives.   (your story behind the rise, the inspiration, where you got your drive and determination) or…story of people who are an invisible hero who is making an enduring impact on people lives. (Please No press release)
  • NO Press Release story, because your article will make people want to know more about you and they will find you with your backlinks.
  • Any articles based on (See below "Article List")
  • Can be unlimited words & character up to 1.5 pages long with font size 9 text.
  • All articles must be professionally edited before submission. This helps us with our time to get the magazine published on time and save more time for our editors.
  • Profile picture (send at least 5 for us to review and choose for the cover & profile), - All in 300dpi resolution, no lower than 175 resolutions.
  • Short mini-bio of you- for our readers to know who you are and what you do.
  • Backlink - to your website & social media links we are featuring, This will give you more exposure to your business or book or program as well.
  • Any pictures you would like to feature up to 3 to 5 can be placed, (send at least 5 to 10 for us to pick which one we chose to feature) depending on the space left.
  • Your mini short Ad with backlinks to your page.
  • Any information you would like to place on your ad.
  • All pictures must be in 300dpi resolution.
  • We can not accept photos of selfies (we say no to duck-lips) from your cell phone or snapshot camera OR submit your images through Facebook or Instagram or messaging apps since it compresses images to fit their format, yes, even Facebook, the dpi resolution is very low range from 32 to 96; which means all the pixels are blurry. Images submitted to us must be high quality for publication these should be 300dpi resolutions. Most Professional Photographers knows how to do this.
  • Up to 2 pages of text.
  • Due by the 15th of each month. (The latest is the 20th)
  • Lastly...since we will be helping you to give exposure for you and your business, we would love to have you help to share the magazine link and screenshot of your article with others as we do marketing and etc... for you, while you are helping us as well. We will send you a copy of a tear sheet and the link to the magazine for you to share once the magazine is published.
  • We are excited to get your name(s) and work exposed through our network! Please include your current social media (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook) information.

***All we ask for is to help us back by driving people from your social media to our magazine link. We will send you the link and screenshots when the magazines are published online.***

All payments are due at the time of the order through our PayPal.

Disclaimer: Submitting your work does not guarantee your work will be featured in the magazine.
Written content is also accepted for content. If you are a journalist or blogger or other, we are happy to consider your contribution interviews, tips & tricks, event plus travel. We can and will include your website or business contact information links in the magazine for your contribution to help to give you more exposures for your business.

We are not responsible for hard copies of the issues(s) you are contributing to. The Influential People Magazine publication is a platform for you to show and tell about your team’s creative concepts and showcase your talent/skills by creating exposure for you and your business. Tear sheets available upon request. (Normally we do send you a copy once the magazine is published, in case, you can email us.) Send request to Influential People Magazine  (Subject line) TEARSHEET REQUEST, Issue month, volume number and your name.         

The submission form will be sent for completion of all approved submission for notification, permission, and networking/promotional purposes.

WARNING!!! Please do NOT send Influential People Magazine any unsolicited “offers”, chain mail or other forms of spam. Doing so will result in you being blocked and deleted from accession the website and magazine and complaints will be filed with your Internet and email providers

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