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Gitte Randrup

Business Partner, Consultant, Speaker, Recruiter, Blogger

Soulaima Gourani 

Author, Speaker, Investor, Advisor, Life Leadership & Design Coach

What we will do for you...  We will include:

  • Your article inside the magazine - * 2 full pages inside*
  • Your article you would like to feature.. (your article can be up to One and Half pages full in size 9 font.),
  • Your short mini-bio
  • Your profile pictures & other pictures you would like to feature as well,   (All pictures must be in 300 dpi high resolution in .jpg or .png file.)  Please send approximately 3 to 5 pictures for us to choose.
  • Your back-links to your social medias &website, Please include your current social media (Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook) and etc.. Information.
  • 1/4 page Ad of your company or book.
  • We will also do marketing on social media, media, and organically,
  • We will send you a free digital copy link of the magazine, for your to share with others.
  • A tear sheet of your page in the magazine and the link to the magazine for you to share with the social media of your feature story.
  • Your article featured on our website. (Homepage)
  • Credits- Photographers, Make Up Artist, Author, Designer, and the like...
  • Your article in other magazines, such as, International Fitness Fashion Magazine, and Say What? Magazine...Depending the match.
  • You own the copyrights of your article.  (It will say Copyrighted by.....(your name).)

Need idea what article to write about...See Article Ideas

Please see the submission requirements guidelines for publication.

***However, we would like the help to back by sharing the link of our magazine and our group page with your social media and etc... we will send you the link when it gets published.  (Please understand, we do have to pay our people doing the work as well)  All we ask for is to help us back by driving people from your social media, website, and etc.. to our magazine *   FB:  Infliuential People Magazine    Twitter:  /InfluentialPeo1       

LinkedIn:  Instagram:  Influential People Magazine 

We are an International marketing company that creates more exposure for you, your business, your article, your news, who you are and etc...

What we will NOT accept or do:

  • Press release articles. As your article will lead people wanting to know more about you.
  • Politics discussion as we want to keep our Magazine full of Positivity and focusing on People who are making an impact on people lives. 
  • Zip Files 
  • Nudity and seductive imagery.
  • Editing or writing article for you except for our interviews.  However if you need it professionally edited, we can get you in touch with our editor.
  • Pictures lower than 150 dpi resolution.  
  • Your images through Facebook or Instagram or messaging apps or from your cell phone or snapshot camera since it compresses images to fit their format, yes, even Facebook, the dpi resolution is very low range from 32 to 96; which means all the pixels are blurry. Images submitted to us must be high quality for publication these should be 300dpi resolutions. Most Professional Photographers knows how to do this.
  • Selfies (we say no to duck-lips)
  • Spam

Article submitted after the 20th of the month or it will be saved for the following month.
Please See Our Submission Guideline for Requirements for Submission

If you would like to be featured on our cover or to place an Ad...Please see Feature with Us or Advertise with Us.

What to Write about?

Review our Article Hints Page.

Example Contributor Article Pages:

Want to Become Our Contributor?

Our Contributing Writers

This is a WIN/WIN for you!

Nancy Range Anderson

Author, Speaker, Coach, Writer, Teacher

Tony Durso

Author Speaker, TV & Radio Show Host

Dannella Burnett

Author, Speaker, Entreprenuer

Marley Baird

Speaker, Coach, Entrepreneur, Social Media Expert

Yoram Baltinester

Author, Speaker, Trainer, Entreprenuer

Melissa Hull

Author Speaker, TV Show Host

Jenny Mulks

Author Speaker, TV & Radio Show Host

Trish Rock

Author Speaker, Spiritual Teacher

Meridith Powell

Author Speaker, Coach

Patti Saddler

Author Speaker, Talk Show Host

Ready to become a contributing writer with us?  

     What we will need from you...

  •  Your article.  Must be edited prior to submission.
  • Social media links and website that you want to feature
  • 1/4 page Ad (one example of Ad picture-to give us an idea what the Ad looks like, any picture you want in the Ad- must be separated, and contents you want.) see above picture of Contributor Article page for example.
  • 3 to 5 profile picture of you.
  • Short mini bio about what you do and who you are.
  • Job tile
  • Follow Submission Guideline requirements.
  • Follow our rules what we won't accept or do.
  • Article submitted by the 15th of the month.

Ready?   Contact us now...

Michelle Winder

Author Speaker, Coach