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     One of the things that we at Influential People Media, are very passionate about is this internet marketing that this world has taught a lot about internet marketing, however, we thought there are some better ways to do it. In fact, they would say that no one is better than you. You have it inside of you, a story and the strategy how you would like it to be done for delivering your story to your audience.

     What we are about to tell you about what is more important than anything else that you can learn about. As our publisher was told that “no one wants to hear your story’… Later we did find people do want to hear people story to learn more about them and to inspire them.

     We found it never been easier to get your story out there, and that is the great news! It was not hard to get people to hear the great news to get people to care. As you are a successful business owner and you have figured out how to help a lot of people with your product or services. Your products are changing people’s lives. Everyone is telling you that you have a great product or services, and everyone is telling you that you have nailed it.

     Now you figured out that it is the time you want to create more exposure to inform others who have not heard about you yet. However you realized that you needed to make more money in order to hire more people to help you and you are even working more harder, putting more time in different project, and you realized it was time to change the ways you have been doing things, thinking to do more with the digital marketing and you know the future is online, however you were built it the old fashion way through great sales process, and everything you tried is not working. You tried email, landing pages, software’s, Facebook Ads, YouTube channel, podcast, and others, however, it is not working; all of it is important, however, you felt you were not important to them until you get one thing right and it is the story. Your stories matter now more than before.

     Think about it, about the ancient art of storytelling is so important and it has been with us the whole time being afraid to come out. It is all about how you connect with each other’s, even nation has risen and fallen on the power of stories. Religion, movements and more are all started with a story, imagine it is now the digital age and all those internet marketing thinkers are telling you that it is a better time for you to get on with the business. The cost of getting your message out there online is publishing tools on Facebook and YouTube, now you can publish your videos and you can reach approximately 3 billion people with your phone, there have never been a time doing this where it is easy to get your message out there and that is the good news however the bad news is, it is not that easy since everyone now has the power to publish because everyone is putting their message out there as well and it was getting harder to get people to care about your business.

     Listen to your message how you can help them that is what I call it a paradox of the digital age. It was not that easy for a business owner out there to get someone to care and listen. You can focus on the brand, imagery, business cards, letterhead, and how the products look, however, if you don’t get your story right to connect with your potential clients, it doesn’t work. It is painful, costly and ineffective. If you think about storytelling and the power behind it. That is why it matters more now, that is why everyone thinks they have something to say and only apply the ancient art of storytelling with precision and power where you can reach and connect in a deeper level and that is when everything changes.

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