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Why does it cost money to be featured?

     Being featured on the magazine cover for a variety of magazines still plays an essential role in defining and sustaining a media brand that will capture the public’s attention through marketing. The cover feature is a concept that is ingrained into our lives as it will always have a place that reflects something about the culture, we live in. The cover feature is a powerful message for the readers. Paying directly through advertising or paying indirectly through tens of thousands of dollars on PR, Marketing, Promotion, and etc… it does cost money to pay our people to do the work!

     Each magazine companies have their own methods...The typical cost is from $0 to $20,000 depending on the publication is local, national or international, the professionalism, reach, target market, the size of your Ad, cover or inside feature. You can spend as much as $500,000 to buy the inside front cover of some national magazines! Advertising in another magazine with national distribution will be expensive even if you are only advertising in the local sections. Influential People Magazine is an International Marketing Magazine company that will help you to advertise yourself, as you can see, we do charge less than national magazines. There will be people who go the great distance to spread the word of your existence to others.

     Our publisher of Influential People Magazine used to work for Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Fashion Faces, and several other magazine companies, (where our professionalism comes from) in her experience she has noticed Vogue (back then) charged close to over $7,500 for the feature package as they hire photographers, writers, editors, and etc... The same similar to Cosmopolitan magazine however they also had a different method. Both magazines had their writer/editors write the stories, sometimes the stories do not come out accurately. With Influential People Magazine, the featured people have the choice to have their own article they want to feature in the magazine and they own their own rights to it as well. This helps with the accuracy of featured people's stories and plus the reader will know it comes from the featured person and giving them a chance to know the featured person more before they decide if they want to use your product or services. 

     The biggest thing is that with Vogue and Cosmopolitan, we still love them and all the co-workers there. However, their methods are 80 to 90% Ads, you may have noticed it, every page is full of Ads and you come to the point of asking yourself "where is the article I want to read? There’s so much clutter of Ads!"  That is one of the reasons why we wanted to reduce the clutter for our eyes and our readers. 

     Our main purpose is to have more positive educational articles to bring out our featured people with approximately 20 to 30% Ads in the Influential People magazine and on our website (where most of the traffic is.) As each person who is featured will have their own Ad along with their article as of promoting them at the same time giving more exposure and to help our readers/subscribers to know who they are and to learn.  Therefore this does become like an advertisement in a warm marketing way and it helps to reduce the clutter of Ads for the eyes and mind while the cover & back pages advertise themselves.

     We feature only people who are making an enduring impact on people's lives around the world. We wanted our magazine to be educationally based on 'How to, Did you know, Steps to, Tips to, educational or stories of their trials to success." With their article of choice, they want to feature. Then we give the cover feature people a full-page Ad inside and back cover. We give our featured people value and deliver your value to our readers. 

     This is another reason why it cost to be featured on our cover package as we do pay our people, editor, designers, layouts, Ad designers, our company time, marketers (organic, media, social media and websites) as it does cost money to pay them for the work they do for you and us. And plus, we do the work of marketing organically, virtually, website, and social media along with our Joint Ventures. Our method is not like other magazines that give free cover features, where there are little value, we create a win-win environment for all the people we feature and build close relationships with others as well.

     There are some magazines out there that offer the free cover feature, from what we have learned, the reason why they were offering free for you to in exchange to bring in more readers and exposure for their magazine since it could be new or lack of readers or low exposure, or (a fine line) offer free in exchange of bringing in $10k a year worth of business services or products to their business, or it is a local magazine that you find in grocery stores or pharmacies., Normally most magazines companies would not include your contact information’s, website, social media, any other kind of backlinks to your pages or none at all and most are a few times a year publications, and/or some don’t have value in their magazine or some just plainly lie to make them look bigger.