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About Us

Influential People Magazine is headquartered remotely in the United States and has grown from a National Brand to an International brand. Influential People Magazine has achieved over 1,000% growth in the past 5 years. We invest in a business model that focuses on giving influencers more exposure for their business and what they do for others.

     We feature Influential People around the world who are - Transformational, Transparent, Traditional, Transitional, Trending, and Transitory Heroes who are making an enduring impact on people's lives. From social media, business, health/fitness to transformational leaders like self-help gurus, educators, authors, speakers, artists, coaches, trainers, doctors, and mentors. All heroes are too often invisible heroes. All are visionaries coming forward to bring a message of hope and possibilities and developing a platform for creativity and excellence.

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Heide Dangelo

Heide Dangelo, CEO, and Founder is an expert in the digital and organic marketing field. She began her career as an assistant editor, designer, graphic designer, Web designer, Ad designer, and marketing director for Vogue, Cosmopolitan, Fashion Faces, and several other Magazine companies, and became a CEO/Founder of a Million dollar cleaning business from 1997 to 2000. In 2009, her friends asked her to start her own magazine company, since they loved her work. Heide accepted the challenge in 2009 then re-launched in 2016, using her experiences to start her own magazine company that highlights influential people around the world. While giving out positive news and educations, she quickly learned more new things. Heide’s passion grew and her fan base grew on a shoestring budget, and without accruing any debt her fans encouraged her to start her own Influential People TV show which will be coming out next year to spread more positive news around the world

Our definition of an influential person is someone who chooses to impact those around them for the better. Someone who encourages people to think beyond their own life so that they will aspire to inspire others. Influence is not enforced but gently led by personal example and. education. While big media would convince us that the world’s influencers are all on the ‘main’ stage we at Influential People Magazine disagree. Yes, we may read a book or see someone in a news report, but those people are too distant from our own sphere to make them relatable. We know, it is those in our communities who truly influence us, who teach us and inspire us, not by one deed but by how we see them live.

We are an International Marketing Magazine where we help to give people more exposure by allowing others to promote their business or dreams and to make invisible heroes known... We have had our people receive more job opportunities because of our magazine. The team at Influential People believes passionately in spreading that message and understands the need to provide exposure for people on a local level. We work hard to provide a forum for coaches, mentors, authors, writers, trainers, speakers, business owners, entrepreneurs, photographers, event producers, health & wellness practitioners, teachers, icons, heroes. We consider these people to be leaders whose voice and a story has still to be told to the world. Influential People Magazine is known as a place for emerging Influencers. Will you be one or will you find your next mentor in our pages? Join us to find out.